studio in progress - design and build by John Tinney at :

I have been focussing on the build of my new studio for the past month or so - and intend to resume proper work by the end of March.... here it is so far!

The process has been great - John and I had an initial talk and discussed its aesthetic qualities and dimensions. Living in a conservation area I was really keen to have a structure which complemented the existing buildings and many of the garden studios I had seen were very modern and glass box -like. We worked through a few ideas and based the design on an historic building we had seen in a book. John then designed the building and sent me some images. We then applied for planning permission and on receipt of this costed the project properly. John then built the structure in his workshop and put it up in Somerset (and sent me some photos) before dismantling it and starting to build it here. It's taken about 4 days so far and should take another 2. I then get to paint it! Inside and out (wallpaper has been ordered).