Red/amber and green in progress


Birds' eggs were collected at the turn of the century - as were to cigarette cards. The completion of a set the ultimate goal. And, in the same way that our attitude to smoking has changed dramatically (consider the consequences) , so too has our attitude to egg collecting. The cards simultaneously encouraging both smoking and egg collecting- imagine!

So, Ogden's 1909 cigarette cards of birds' eggs a good place to start. There were 50 of them; an aid to identification as much as a provider of information (nest location, average number of eggs etc). All common British birds, (apart from the Great Auk - extinct since about 1852) 

The RSPB  Red / Amber and Green list was then referred to to discover their current status.

The eggs were then sorted ..... the Auk apart.


Three grids then made- with spaces for movement 

Finally the configurations will be made into three separate pictures- 

Currently in progress....